Inaugural Post

My name is Chanlee. I’m going to be blogging about my ongoing efforts in making a permanent lifestyle change after being forced to retire from my job as a government lawyer due to disability. Since my health issues began, I’ve been learning a lot about the importance of diet and mindset in overall well-being.

The cornerstone of my new regimen is juicing, so I’ll be focusing first on why I love it and how you can easily incorporate it into your life. I’ve recently completed three juice cleanses, a.k.a. juice fasts, so I’ll be explaining how that works as well.

Why “cute vegetables”? I spend a lot of time thinking about, looking at, and handling the veggies that go into my juices and raw salads. My weekly trip to the farmers market is one of my favorite things, as are the weird and cute veggies found there. I will post photos of my finds.

My hope is that this blog will encourage you to pursue optimal health proactively, and not simply hope that you never get sick. I’m not a raw foodist or vegan (yet), but I already feel worlds better after seriously starting to juice regularly three months ago. Please join me as I chronicle my adventures, experiments, and mess-ups!

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