My Standard Process Detox Debacle

I’m not going to finish the 3-part series I initially planned on the Standard Process 21-day detox. I had to stop the detox a few days early due to severe constipation. I am entirely convinced that the program’s high-fiber shakes caused a dramatic slowdown in my bowel movements from the very first day. (Yes, I drank enough water.) Despite the pelvic and abdominal pain I started having halfway through, I stubbornly insisted on following the program strictly until my husband forced me to stop the shakes in the third week. My conclusion from this unpleasant experience is that everyday detox using real food is superior to extreme and intense short bouts of detox. Read more

Standard Process 21-Day Purification Review Part 1 of 3

I am no stranger to detoxing, so when my new integrative and holistic medicine doctor recommended a 21-day detox, I readily agreed. In the past, I’ve done two food-based and five juice-based detoxes, with varying levels of noticeable benefits to my body and mind. Currently, I’m in the first phase of the cleanse which is more restrictive in allowed foods. This series will be about the initial prep and execution of the program, how my husband and I felt throughout, and how Standard Process compares to other detox programs I’ve done. Read more

How Weston A. Price Changed My Diet and My World

lemon cheese wedge

I haven’t updated about my diet in a long time. Truthfully, I’ve had a few life- and health-altering events since last spring, and it’s been a lot to process. As of the beginning of this year, I am a follower of Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) dietary principles. What does that mean? In a nutshell: I eat real food. Traditional, nutrient-dense foods that heal and protect rather than deplete and destroy.  Read more

Cashew Milk Recipe & Hunger Busters

raw cashew milk

Call it “dinner,” call it the best part of the cleanse. The evening serving of raw cashew milk provides a potent mix of antioxidants and minerals. It’s creamy, fragrant, and satisfying. First, you’ll want to make sure you have truly raw organic cashews. Trader Joe’s admits that their “raw” nuts are steam-treated, so they are not truly raw.  The problem with steaming, roasting, or otherwise processing raw nuts is that it destroys delicate enzymes and nutrients. Read more

Spicy Lemonade Recipe & Hydration Tips

spicy lemonade

Juice #4 of the multiple-day juice cleanse is many people’s favorite, spicy lemonade. Apart from the obvious high Vitamin C levels, lemon is great because it has an alkalizing effect inside the body, despite being acidic outside of it. Lemon is also a natural expectorant, so don’t be surprised if you start feeling the need to clear your throat or even cough after you drink this.  Read more

Green Juice Recipe & Why You Should Love Ginger

green juice organic detox

Green juice is an awesome way to start the day, and it’s the main part of any serious juice cleanse. The emphasis on the color green is not just trendy, but a reflection of the chlorophyll-rich and alkalizing properties of juice that is physically green, as opposed to red, yellow, purple, etc.

Here is my green juice recipe inspired by BluePrint Green. I also make this every morning when I’m not cleansing. Read more

Conflicted about Veganism


This public confession by 13-year vegan and health coach Alexandra Jamieson has captivated my attention for the last couple days. I had been following her for a few weeks after listening to one of Kris Carr‘s telejams in which Jamieson was introduced as “the Cravings Whisperer.” While I’m surprised by her announcement that she is no longer vegan, I’m more astonished by the hundreds of comments, some of them vicious attacks by vegans who feel betrayed and disappointed.  Read more

“Drop Acid, Go Alkaline” – BluePrint Cleanse Review: Part 2 of 2

BluePrint Juice Excavation Cleanse

In Part 1 of my review, I discuss why I decided to do a juice cleanse, the pros and cons of BluePrint Cleanse, and my experience testing the limits of their customer service. The verdict is in: BluePrint Cleanse is a good baseline experience for beginners. But how exactly did the juices change my health?   Read more