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Spicy Lemonade Recipe & Hydration Tips

Juice #4 of the multiple-day juice cleanse is many people’s favorite, spicy lemonade. Apart from the obvious high Vitamin C levels, lemon is great because it has an alkalizing effect inside the body, despite being acidic outside of it. Lemon is also a natural expectorant, so don’t be surprised if you start feeling the need to clear your throat or even cough after you drink this. 

Spicy Lemonade Recipe

2 lemons
16 oz of filtered water
1 tablespoon of raw agave nectar (or to taste)
cayenne pepper (to taste)

Instructions: Squeeze juice from lemons. I like to use the CitriStar. Stir lemon juice and agave into water and mix well. Sprinkle as much cayenne pepper as you can tolerate!

berry-infused citrus waterHydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

During your cleanse, it may feel like you’re consuming a lot of liquid already, but you should drink plenty of water between juices as well. Your body will be releasing a lot of toxins, and the extra water is important for flushing them out.

I didn’t drink much between juices my first couple cleanses, and it felt different from the times I consciously drank more. You’d be surprised how thirsty you feel even between juices.

If the idea of drinking plain water is boring or unappetizing, try infusing it with berries, fruit slices, or a squeeze of lemon. I put some frozen berries with my water which turned it a pretty shade of purple and made it taste even more refreshing. See photo for an example of berry-infused citrus mint water. Just be careful not to eat the berries!

Lemon Lovin’

How do you like your lemonade? Share your recipes and hydration tips below.


  1. Suewhei says:

    Good idea! The berry-infused mint water is a great way to encourage drinking more water that our body needs each day. So glad that you are back to blog again. Thanks for sharing.

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